Resources listed are not endorsed by DSAWM, but are a list of options that are available. If you know of additional West Michigan resources, please let us know at Many of the books and media below are available to borrow from DSAWM’s library. If you would like to request a book, please contact Victoria at


Early Stages through School Age (5-13)
Babies with Down Syndrome: A New Parents’ Guide by Susan J. Skallerup
Baby Signs: How to Talk with Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk by Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn
The New Language of Toys: Teaching Communication Skills to Children with Special Needs by Sue Schwartz
Toys: Universal Tools for Learning, Communication and Inclusion for Children with Disabilities by Simon Technology Center
Communication Skills in Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents by Libby Kumin
Communicate with Your Child: 15 Ways to Become a Communicator by James D. Macdonald and Barbara Mitchell
Helping Children with Down Syndrome Communicate Better: Speech and Language Skills for Ages 6-14 by Libby Kumin
Communicating Partners: 30 Years of Building Responsive Relationships with Late-Talking Children Including Autism, Asperberg’s Syndrome, Down Syndrome, and Typical Development by James D. MacDonald
Gross Motor Skills for Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals, 2nd Edition by Patricia C. Winders
Fine Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals by Maryanne Bruni
Try Reading Again: How to Motivate and Teach Older Beginners, Age 10 and Up by DeAnna Horstmeier
Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs, 2nd Edition by Darlene Mannix

Teen through Adulthood (14+)
The Down Syndrome Transition Handbook: Charting Your Child’s Course to Adulthood by Jo Ann Simons
Managing My Money: Banking and Budgeting Basics by Natalie Hale
The Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook: A Guide to Promoting Healthy Lifestyles by Joan E. Guthrie Medlen
Teaching Children with Down Syndrome about Their Bodies, Boundaries, and Sexuality: A Guide for Parents and Professionals by Terri Couwenhoven
Body Talk: Teaching Students with Disabilities about Body Language by Pat Crissey
The Boys’ Guide to Growing Up: Choices and Changes During Puberty by Terri C. Couwenhoven
The Girls’ Guide to Growing Up: Choices & Changes in the Tween Years by Terri Couwenhoven
Mental Health First Aid USA, 1st Edition (Revised) by Mental Health First Aid
Mental Wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome: A Guide to Emotional and Behavioral Strengths and Challenges by Dennis McGuire and Brian Chicoine
Adults with Down Syndrome by Siegfried M. Pueschel

Understanding How Children with Down Syndrome Learn: Proven and Effective Techniques for Parents and Professionals by Susan J. Peoples
Preschool Language Development by Martha Drake
Literacy Skill Development for Students with Special Learning Needs: A Strength-Based Approach by Leslie Broun and Patricia Oelwein
Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Teachers by Patricia Logan Oelwein
Classroom Language Skills for Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Teachers by Libby Kumin
Targeting Language Delays: IEP Goals & Activities for Students with Developmental Challenges by Caroline Lee
Answers to Questions Teachers Ask About Sensory Integration by Jane Koomar, Carol Stock Kranowitz, Stacey Szklut, and Others
The Complete IEP Guide: How to Advocate For Your Special Ed Child by Lawrence M. Siegel
From Emotions to Advocacy: The Special Education Survival Guide by Pam Wright and Pete Wright
Special Education Law, 2nd Edition by Peter W.D. Wright and Pamela Darr Wright
No Child Left Behind by Peter W.D. Wright, Pamela Darr Wright, and Suzanne Whitney Heath

My Sister Is Special by Larry Jansen
The Sibling Slam Book: What It’s Really Like to Have a Brother or Sister with Special Needs by Don Meyer
Common Threads: Celebrating Life with Down Syndrome by Cynthia S. Kidder and Brian Skotko
I’m Down with You: An Inspired Journey by Jagatjoti S. Khalsa with Darren Setter
Ripple Effects: Ten West Michigan Nonprofits Serve, Inspire, Transform by Deb Moore and Betty Epperly


Christian Royal: In the Potter’s Hands
Just Like You: Down Syndrome