Teen and Adult Programs (14+)

DSAWM Teen & Adult programs are designed to support the transition to adulthood and beyond. For more information, visit the DSAWM calendar or contact DSAWM at (616) 956-3488 or nate@dsawm.org.

Aging with Down Syndrome

Caregivers of individuals with Down syndrome over the age of 30 are invited to this support group sponsored by DSAWM and Alzheimer’s Association. Share experiences and discuss the process of caring for loved ones growing older with Down syndrome. Visit the DSAWM calendar to find the next meeting.

Book Club

Teens and adults (ages 16 and older) with Down syndrome meet to discuss books selected by Next Chapter Book Club. Book Club meets twice a month and is open to all reading levels, including non-readers. Visit the DSAWM calendar for upcoming meetings.

Buddy Up Tennis

Buddy Up is a weekly tennis program (Saturdays during the school year) that teaches children and teens with Down syndrome the game of tennis while supporting healthy activity and motor function. Athletes ages 5 and older work with professional coaches and one-on-one Buddies. To learn more about Buddy Up Tennis, visit the Buddy Up website. Visit the DSAWM calendar for upcoming sessions.

Cooking Capers

Teens and adults with Down syndrome (ages 16 and older) learn culinary terminology, cooking methods, measurement and kitchen safety while crafting a delicious, healthy, gluten-free meal. Cooking Capers meets twice a month during the school year. Visit the DSAWM calendar for upcoming classes.

ICan Bike Camp

Every other summer, DSAWM hosts a week-long iCan Bike Camp where children with disabilities ages 8 and older can learn to ride a typical two-wheeled bicycle using proven, research-based methods. The next ICan Bike Camp will be held in July 2020.

Skill Building Series

The Skill Building Series teaches life skills such as grocery shopping, resume preparation, public speaking, and navigating the city foster independence for teens and adults with Down syndrome. Visit the DSAWM calendar for current offerings.

Rapid Runners

In this summer running program, teens and adults with Down syndrome ages 14 and older train for a 5K race by following individualized training plans based on the Couch to 5K program. Rapid Runners will take place Mondays in July and August of 2018. Visit the DSAWM calendar for more details.

Shape Up

Shape Up is a health and fitness program for people with Down syndrome ages 14 and older. The weekly class consists of 45 minutes of nutrition instruction and 45 minutes of aerobic exercise. Visit the DSAWM calendar to view scheduled classes.

Water Ski Clinic

DSAWM hosts an Adaptive Water Ski Clinic every summer that focuses on both sitting and standing skiing, and is offered in partnership with Kent County Parks and Recreation. The next Adaptive Water Ski Clinic will be held in July 2019.