Early Stages programs (0-5 years)

DSAWM Early Stages programs support families from diagnosis through the early developmental years. For more information or to register for programs, visit the DSAWM calendar or contact DSAWM at (616) 956-3488 or nate@dsawm.org.

Baby Sign Language

With just a few simple signs from American Sign Language, you can start communicating with your child – even before (s)he starts to talk! Signing is fun, easy to do, and great for your child’s development! Visit the DSAWM calendar for upcoming classes.

New & Expectant Parent Gifts

Receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis can be overwhelming. DSAWM provides new and expectant parents with accurate, up-to-date, compassionate information from leading Down syndrome and medical experts. Expect parents can also receive information explaining prenatal testing. When new babies arrive, families also receive a gift celebrating their new addition. Contact DSAWM at (616) 956-3488 or nate@dsawm.org for more information.

Oh, Baby!

This family baby shower for families who have a child with Down syndrome aged 5 and younger is a celebration and an opportunity for parents and siblings to connect with other families experiencing Down syndrome. The next Oh, Baby event will be held in August 2019 at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.

Parents for Parents

Parents for Parents mentors are a group of “veteran” moms and dads who have stood in the shoes of new parents of babies with Down syndrome. They have received specialized training to provide support to other families. If you are interested in being connected to a parent mentor or training to become a mentor, contact DSAWM at (616) 956-3488 or nate@dsawm.org.

Play Groups

Playgroups are a fun, social option for promoting development. Playgroup focus varies and includes speech, fine motor, gross motor, communication and more to meet the various needs of our children. Visit the DSAWM calendar for current playgroup information.