Programs For individuals & Families

DSAWM programs and services are designed to address barriers and support opportunities for people with Down syndrome and their families. Click the links below to view current program offerings, or view the DSAWM calendar for schedule information. All programs and services for families are free with In-Area Family Membership. Some programs and services are free with Out-of-Area Family Membership.

All Ages

All Ages programs are open to people with Down syndrome and their families.

Early Stages (0-5 years)

Early Stages programs support families from diagnosis through the early developmental years.

School Age (5-14 years)

School Age progams are designed to supplement educational services.

Teen & Adult (14+ years)

Teen & Adult programs are designed to support the transition to adulthood and beyond.


Parent Support programs are designed to assist parents on the unique journey of raising a child with Down syndrome.

Member Financial Assistance

Member Financial Assistance funds provide financial support to member families. Funding in the form of reimbursement is available only with In-Area Family Membership.