Resources for Educators

The DSAWM offers several programs and services designed to provide support and information to educational professionals and college students pursuing degrees in general and special education.

DSA Press and Weekly Update

DSAWM’s quarterly, electronic newsletter, the DSA Press, provides personal stories, informational articles, and news relevant to the West Michigan Down syndrome community. The electronic Weekly Update shares upcoming programs and services from DSAWM and our community partners. Join our mailing list and select the emails you would like to receive here.

Teacher Information Packet

The Teacher Information Packet is a collection of information for parents, caregivers and educators of students with Down syndrome in grades K-5. It intended to assist each classroom teacher in (1) getting to know his or her student with Down syndrome and (2) building a comfortable and effective learning environment for every student.

The material addresses a wide range of subjects—from subject adaptation and student supports to social inclusion. A Getting to Know Me section is included for parents/caregivers and their children to complete together, as is a sample letter to distribute to parents of the other students in your child’s class.

1. Getting to Know Me
2. Educator Manual: Supporting the Student with Down Syndrome in Your Classroom
3. Sample Introduction Letter to Other Parents
4. School Accommodations and Modifications
5. Positive Steps to Social Inclusion

Workshops & Conferences

Informational classes are held throughout the year to address topics relevant to parents/caregivers of, and professionals who work with, individuals who have Down syndrome. Examples include topics such as behavior, education, health, child development, estate planning and other relevant issues. Visit the DSAWM calendar to find upcoming classes.